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Update 8-29
I uploaded a tar file of the demo site and database.
You can download that here.
There is a file in the main folder called INSTALL_DEMO.txt that will explain how to set it up.
I will make a video early this week on the Views Tabs so just keep an eye out for that here <--the first 10 videos are recent demo videos of our work but after that are some drupal tutorials.
Also attached the presentation which has some info and links that may help though the one demo link on the site will bring you to the 4 demos.

Slides and Docs: 
Slides and Docs: 
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Hack-proof Your Drupal App


What you don't know can hurt you. Analysts estimate that 75% of attacks against web servers enter at the application, not the network level. As many as 15% of these attacks are due to poor coding practices.

You will learn best practices you can employ right now to build secure Drupal application code that meets security compliance standards and maintain customer confidence.


  • Key Habits of Secure Drupal Coding
  • Vulnerability Detection to Remediation
Slides and Docs: 
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Site Maintenance Basics


Learn about the basics when it comes to maintaining your Drupal site. This session will discuss good practices for database backups, Drupal's various reporting and status reports, and performing core and module updates.

As time permits, svn integration and Drush will be demonstrated.

Slides from this presentation are available here.

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Building and managing a news website with Drupal


This case study will provide an overview of the building and management of a news website. As an editor who is primarily responsible for the content on the site, I found Drupal to be extremely flexible in allowing me to set up and customize my site. Some of the topics include: content types, custom workflow, featured article slideshows, and automated critical alerts pulled from RSS feeds.