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Building and managing high traffic Drupal publishing and news sites


This session will cover how to build, stage, and deploy sites for the publishing industry using the OpenPublish distribution from Phase II.

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Building and managing a news website with Drupal


This case study will provide an overview of the building and management of a news website. As an editor who is primarily responsible for the content on the site, I found Drupal to be extremely flexible in allowing me to set up and customize my site. Some of the topics include: content types, custom workflow, featured article slideshows, and automated critical alerts pulled from RSS feeds.

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Site Maintenance Basics


Learn about the basics when it comes to maintaining your Drupal site. This session will discuss good practices for database backups, Drupal's various reporting and status reports, and performing core and module updates.

As time permits, svn integration and Drush will be demonstrated.

Slides from this presentation are available here.

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Image Workflows


This session will demonstrate various methods of giving content administrators the ability to easily place and resize images within their content from the Drupal admin area.

ImageCache, ImageField, WYSIWYG, Image Resize Filter, Insert, Imagefield Crop, and ImageAPI will all be used to create various workflows that will keep image download sizes at a minimum while still giving your content creators the ability to place and size images in-line with their content, similar to desktop publishing tools.

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Using Domain Access for multiple sites


Many enterprise IT organizations are looking to manage a wide range of web properties with a single content management instance. Drupal provides three options for multi-site management. One of the better options is the Domain Access Module.

Benefits of the Drupal Domain Access Module

  • Maintain multiple Drupal sites with one install of Drupal on one server
  • Using Domain Access, there is one master web site and any number of sub-site domains.
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Creating Content Types with CCK


Content types are used to capture and store data that is displayed on your site. Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to any of the content types using a web interface. This class would demonstrate how to create a content type and work with other modules to create custom fields, including:

* Text
* File
* Nodereference
* Optionwidgets
* Fieldgroup

Precursor to the Build your site with Views presentation as the content type and fields will be referenced during that presentation.

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Update 8-29
I uploaded a tar file of the demo site and database.
You can download that here.
There is a file in the main folder called INSTALL_DEMO.txt that will explain how to set it up.
I will make a video early this week on the Views Tabs so just keep an eye out for that here <--the first 10 videos are recent demo videos of our work but after that are some drupal tutorials.
Also attached the presentation which has some info and links that may help though the one demo link on the site will bring you to the 4 demos.

Slides and Docs: 
Slides and Docs: 
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