DrupalCamp CT is a free conference organized by to educate, unite, and improve the Drupal Development Community in Connecticut.

DrupalCamp CT is an unconference-style Drupal training, founded in the style of BarCamp. While there are some differences like more pre-planning on the sessions, they have the common goal of bringing smart people together in an environment that is accessible to everyone.

Since this is a free event and entirely volunteer run we encourage active participation from everyone when it comes to running the conference. This is as simple as picking up after yourself or actively fixing something if you see it’s broken, but please feel welcome to take an active role in making this a great event. We set the stage, but all of you make this happen!

What to bring?

  • Your laptop (and power adaptor)
  • Display adapters (especially Mac users
  • Any other adapters you may use
  • A surge protector or extension cord
  • Camera or Video Camera
  • Pen and notebook
  • Business cards
  • Cell Phones Please set to vibrate