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Build Your Site With Views


CCK and Views are the workhorse of modern Drupal sites. They also bring the power of custom site development squarely in reach of the non-programmer/site builder.

In this session I will demonstrate how to quickly build your site using views. I will also show how the nodereference field type, when combined with views, allows for a very powerful site building paradigm.

I'm hoping someone will offer to do an "intro to CCK" session just before mine. Armed with CCK and Views you are ready to advance bravely into the world of building cool content rich Drupal sites.

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Using Domain Access for multiple sites


Many enterprise IT organizations are looking to manage a wide range of web properties with a single content management instance. Drupal provides three options for multi-site management. One of the better options is the Domain Access Module.

Benefits of the Drupal Domain Access Module

  • Maintain multiple Drupal sites with one install of Drupal on one server
  • Using Domain Access, there is one master web site and any number of sub-site domains.
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Introduction to Theming with Fusion and Skinr


The Fusion base theme is rapidly growing in popularity in the Drupal community partly due to its solid foundation and excellent integration with the Skinr module. This session will introduce the basics of both Fusion and Skinr and demonstrate how these tools can help you theme your site in a powerful and flexible manner.

Participants should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS (and a bit of PHP wouldn't hurt either!)

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Microsoft and Drupal: You're kidding, right?


Come see what the inflictors of IE6 have come up with to regain the hearts and minds of web developers everywhere! The Microsoft Web Platform has a lot to offer developers regardless of targeted platform - hear about free tooling via WebMatrix, our PHP open source efforts, and even IE9.