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Graphic Design + Marketing


This session is for people who are interested in traditional graphic design and do not come from a design background. This will be a rough course to the history of design (all over the world, not just Western Design) and current trends in the graphic design community. We will also touch upon User Experience and Interaction and ways to better market yourself or your client. This session is ideal for Drupal designers who work with larger corporations who embrace the strategic power of design, very small innovative businesses and forward-thinking non-profit organizations.

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Image Workflows


This session will demonstrate various methods of giving content administrators the ability to easily place and resize images within their content from the Drupal admin area.

ImageCache, ImageField, WYSIWYG, Image Resize Filter, Insert, Imagefield Crop, and ImageAPI will all be used to create various workflows that will keep image download sizes at a minimum while still giving your content creators the ability to place and size images in-line with their content, similar to desktop publishing tools.

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Drupal 7 Site Development


What does Drupal 7 mean for the way we build sites?

  • If you haven't already embraced fields, get ready to be embraced by them. Fields on comments, taxonomy terms, and more.
  • The same vocabulary on one node twice or more times?
  • Sharing the usability improvements with our site administrators (don't hog the Dashboard)
  • DBTNG (Database The Next Generation) ... and NoSQL? Another way to scale Drupal.
  • Subthemes.
  • Wasn't D7 supposed to usher in the semantic web? Where's the RDF hiding?