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Moving from static design to Drupal


This session is aimed at people who come from a traditional web design background and are most comfortable writing their own HTML, CSS (maybe JavaScript) but would like to get into Drupal. If you have never worked with a content management system before, Drupal can seem daunting. In this session I hope to familiarize you with the big concepts of Drupal and make the transition easier.

My core message: if you only know HTML and CSS, don't know a word of PHP, and have never used a content management system in your life, you CAN learn Drupal.

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Drupal On-Demand: Tour Of Yale's Drupal Infrastructure


Content management systems are nothing new. What is new is the idea of a pressable, one-click infrastructure which can provision on-demand. This talk centers around the decision points and lessons learned from the infrastructure side of the house when a 30,000-person university standardizes upon an open-source content management system to host a rainbow of web content for various flavors of students, faculty, and staff.

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Anatomy of a Drupal Module


An introduction to Drupal Module Development

If you have some experience with PHP and Drupal, and you're curious about developing your own Drupal modules, this talk is for you! Topics will include: the required files, how hooks work, the Drupal menu system, and maybe the Form API.