Drupal On-Demand: Tour Of Yale's Drupal Infrastructure

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Content management systems are nothing new. What is new is the idea of a pressable, one-click infrastructure which can provision on-demand. This talk centers around the decision points and lessons learned from the infrastructure side of the house when a 30,000-person university standardizes upon an open-source content management system to host a rainbow of web content for various flavors of students, faculty, and staff. We shall discuss tools actively leveraged in the trenches which support automated builds and deployment, version-control systems, continuous integration workflow tools, along with high-availabilty infrastructure components. In addition to providing an overview of how this was accomplished, details about upcoming enhancements to the environment will be discussed.

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I spoke on the topic in May 09 at a different regional conference. Those whom are curious can peek at those bits here: http://drupaledu.org/posts/tour-yales-drupal-infrastructure