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Update 8-29
I uploaded a tar file of the demo site and database.
You can download that here.
There is a file in the main folder called INSTALL_DEMO.txt that will explain how to set it up.
I will make a video early this week on the Views Tabs so just keep an eye out for that here <--the first 10 videos are recent demo videos of our work but after that are some drupal tutorials.
Also attached the presentation which has some info and links that may help though the one demo link on the site will bring you to the 4 demos.
Keep in mind the demo links go to port 8888 because of the setup on my machine but you will not need that on your machine unless you run MAMP as well.
Good luck!

Help decide what items to cover.

Updated Session List (if it can all really fit)
1. Some thoughts on Views and how much programming work no longer needed thanks(?) to its great features.
2. Look at the Rewrite Output option
--This simple view will extend into
----Filters as a block
3. Pushing the Rewrite Output a bit further again no coding.
--Some jquery tooltip (copy paste type work) and Hover Windows
4. A quick look at Semantic Views and cleaning up the output.
--Settings in Views
--How this helps you out (or helps out the person doing CSS)
5. Views Bulk Operations
--Just a great module a quick demo of it and thoughts of using it for Clients admin area.
6. Importing Exporting for Dev / Live work
--This is an easy to miss feature and can make life a lot easier going from dev to live etc.
7. When you need to make a Template File and views_embed_view function
--Not needed as often but worth noting how easy it is to set this up.
8. Q and A

Some items I might cover if time allows or demand?)
Draggable Views

----end update----
Poll (sorry I set it to expire too soon so it is closed feel free to use the Contact Us form)

Not really an intro to views but digging a bit deeper into how to really do more with views.
- views_embed_view - how handy this little function is
- template files that views helps you create.
- add on modules like editable views
- arguments and passing those around
- views and panels
- questions and answers

Hmm might have to remove some of them but basically getting a little more out of this amazing module.

Slides and Docs: 
Slides and Docs: